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Thursday, April 7, 2011

04.07 - Isaac Schankler at Electronics Live!

Today at Electronics Live!, Isaac Schankler presents and performs with The Harvester, a new interactive audio installation based on Mimi (Multimodal Interaction for Musical Improvisation), a system that allows humans and machines to create improvised music together, designed and implemented using Fran├žois' SAI framework. For this installation, Isaac Schankler creates a new sonic environment for Mimi, which helps it interpret, synthesize and resample audio information.

This installation will also feature a special guest appearance by the BoeBot Music Ensemble, created by Keith DeRuiter, Isaac Schankler and Elaine Chew.

Electronics Live! is the third CARL residency hosted by the Culver Center. Creating an environment that is equal parts sound art installation, live music performance, and media fair expo, composers Jason Heath and Robert Giracello convert the atrium floor of the Culver Center into an interactive media fair, demonstrating a variety of approaches to interactive technologies in music and the arts, and engaging the public with hands-on experience of these technologies in a fun and experimental environment.

THU, April 7, 6-9 PM • Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts
3834 Main St, Riverside CA 92501 • FREE admission (Info: 951-827-3755)