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Friday, April 29, 2011

04.29 - Ge Wang Visit (Pictures)

Ge Wang's visit to USC began with the Structure In Music (ISE575/EE675/CSCI575) class, where he chimed in on Huihui Cheng's presentation of a paper on his iPhone Ocarina app, and Samir Sharma's presentation of a paper on the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrK), and gave numerous insights into the development of both the Ocarina and SLOrK.
Following the class, we had lunch at Morton Fig, where Ge showed off his Magic Piano app, which is about to be released on the iPhone in two weeks. At Maged Dessouky's request, Ge called in to Smule to have Chariots of Fire reinstated on the playlist so we could play the piece on the Magic Piano.
The activities culminated in a talk by Ge Wang in the Epstein Institute Seminar Series (the ISE PhD seminar), which gave us a glimpse of laptop ensemble concerts orchestrated by Ge, and the many apps created by Smule, including Sonic Lighter, World Stage, Leaf Trombone, Magic Fiddle, and I Am T-Pain.  Ge described how they experimented with giving users a social experience with the development of each app.