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Vely Stoyanova and Ilya Tosheff (the Tosheff Piano Duo) play Poulenc's Sonata for Piano Four Hands with auditory delay, simulating the conditions of ensemble performance over distance on the Internet.
The Distributed Immersive Performance (DIP) project explores one of the most challenging goals of networked media technology: creating a seamless environment for remote and synchronous musical collaboration.

The objective of DIP is to develop the technology for live, interactive musical performances in which the participants - subsets of musicians, the conductor and the audience - are in different physical locations and are interconnected by very high fidelity multichannel audio and video links.

DIP is a specific realization of broader immersive technology - the creation of the complete aural and visual ambience that places a person or a group of people in a virtual space where they can experience events occurring at a remote site or communicate naturally regardless of their location.

The project website contains further information.