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Saturday, February 25, 2012

02.25 - VRME Bamberger tribute issue now available

Creativity SRIG sponsored Jeanne Bamberger tribute issue of VRME now available.  Message from the editors, S. Alex Ruthman and Gena R. Greher:

At the 2010 meeting of the Creativity SRIG, we were treated to a keynote presentation by eminent music cognition scholar Jeanne Bamberger. For over 40 years, her research and scholarship in the fields of music cognition, music learning, intuition and creativity has had, and continues to have, a profound international impact within and beyond music-related fields.

After her presentation, the Creativity SRIG announced a call for submissions to a special tribute issue of Visions of Research in Music Education (VRME) in honor of Jeanne’s work and career. We are thrilled to announce the publication of that tribute issue as Volume 20  of Visions of Research in Music Education .
This special issue of VRME contains 12 feature articles and essays with authors hailing from Australia, Germany, Israel, the UK and the US:

Gena R. Greher & Alex Ruthmann - Curiosity, Creativity and Cognition: A Window into Jeanne Bamberger’s Work.

Featured Articles
Howard Gardner - Tribute to Jeanne Bamberger: Pre-eminent Student of Musical Development and Cognition in Our Time.
Gena R. Greher & S. Alex Ruthmann - On Chunking, Simples and Paradoxes: Why Jeanne Bamberger’s Research Matters.
Andrew Brown - Experience Design and Interactive Software in Music Education Research.
Kimberley Lansinger Ankney - Building and Composing upon Musical Knowledge.
Michael P. Downton, Kylie A. Peppler, Adena Portowitz, Jeanne Bamberger, & Eric Lindsay - Composing Pieces for Peace: Using Impromptu to Build Cross-Cultural Awareness.
Jessica Krash - Reminiscence on Studying with Jeanne Bamberger.
Joyce Kouffman - Jeanne Bamberger - Vignettes from 1974-1976.
Wilfred Gruhn - Representations of Music - Neural Foundations and Mental Processes.
Craig Graci - Channeling Bamberger: An Unorthodox Appreciation of Jeanne Bamberger’s work on Musical Development and Musical Understanding.
Elaine Chew - About Time: Strategies of Performance Revealed in Graphs.
Christopher F. Hasty - Learning in Time.
Deborah V. Blair - Do you hear what I hear? Musical Maps and Felt Pathways of Musical Understanding. (a reprint from VRME Volume 11)

Historical Reprint:
Jeanne Bamberger - Developing Musical Structures: Going Beyond the Simples.

Access to these articles and essays may be found at http:www-usr.rider.edu/~vrme .