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Thursday, October 7, 2010

10.07 - Anja Volk awarded Vidi grant

MuCoaCo alum, Anja Volk, is awarded a highly competitive Vidi grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).  See the press release.

The Vidi grant is "targeted at researchers who have completed their doctorates and already spent some years conducting post-doctoral research, thereby demonstrating the ability to generate new ideas and bring them independently to fruition. They will be given the opportunity to develop their own innovative lines of research and themselves to appoint one or more researchers to assist them in the task."

Anja was a WiSE postdoc in the MuCoaCo Lab at USC 2003 to 2005.  She joined the University of Utrecht's Department of Information and Computing Sciences in the Netherlands to co-lead the NWO-funded WITCHCRAFT project from 2006 to the present.

The Vidi grant will enable Anja to start her own research group to "model music similarity over time using the variation principle."  See the project description.  Congratulations, Anja!